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Through our strategic partnerships with Live Auctioneers and Invaluable, we offer an extensive range of auctions from various categories, including fine art, rare collectibles, jewelry, antiques, vintage items, and much more. You'll have access to a diverse array of treasures, curated from all corners of the globe.


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  Auctions offer a unique opportunity to acquire a piece of history. As auctioneers, we are proud to showcase an assortment of exceptional items from our collectors that will bring happiness to a new home.

  We understand that oftentimes our sellers may not know the origin of their items, or their children might not recognize the true value of what they have inherited. This Is Where We Come In. We work with our sellers and their families to provide a comprehensive catalog of their collection, complete with thorough research and fair market valuations.

  Buyers can confidently make their purchases, knowing that the items they seek are from a reputable source with extensive knowledge of the products they are bidding on. Our fair market valuations offer a distinct advantage for buyers, as they provide a transparent understanding of the value of their investment. This, in turn, simplifies the process of reselling these antiques in the future.

   Our goal with these auctions is not only to provide a platform for collectors to sell their items but to educate future generations about the importance and value of these pieces of history. By working with families to preserve and showcase their collections, we can ensure that these treasures are passed down and appreciated for generations to come.

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