Razmik Sargsyan

Razmik S. Razmik Sargsyan, born in 1959 in Tehran, Iran, is an artist whose very existence brings a unique light to the world, illuminated by his exceptional talent and boundless imagination. Embodying the essence of a true creator, Razmik’s inner world is a vibrant tapestry of surrealism intertwined with the threads of reality, making his […]

Gagik Oganesyan

Gago God is often viewed as an awe-Inspiring Figure, and in many cultures, is considered the Embodiment of Perfection. When it comes to MAN, there are some individuals who stand out as not only Talented Artists, but also as compassionate and Virtuous People. One such individual is GAGO, who has become a center of gravity […]

Karine Dulyan Karine Dulyan (b. 1981, AKA KARISHOK) is a happy person. Layers Art Gallery proudly presents “Notes from Sun City,” an extraordinary art show featuring the captivating watercolor paintings of renowned artist Karine Dulyan. Step into a world where Yerevan’s charm and uniqueness unfold through a series of mesmerizing artworks. Through delicate brushwork and a profound […]

Roberto Quintana Roberto Quintana, WFA, has been painting professionally since 1980. Working mostly by commission as a conceptual-environmental artist, Roberto designs and executes site-specific trompe l’oeil murals for private and commercial clients throughout the western United States. Mindscapes are interior landscapes—paintings exploring the realms and technologies of perception science, aesthetics and the technologies of instinct: […]

Ashot Yan

Ashot Yan Ashot Yan is an Armenian artist known for his captivating works in the medium of oil on canvas. Born in Armenia, Ashot Yan has embraced the rich artistic heritage of his homeland while also drawing inspiration from the Surrealist movement. His paintings often transport viewers to a medieval world, with subjects that seem […]

“SHARZHY” Garen Baghdasaryan Garen Baghdasaryan (b. 1963)  The name “SHARZHY” is the artistic name of Garen Baghdasaryan and it means “MOVE” in Armenian. Sharzhy is a talented artist who specializes in creating unique bronze sculptures that are designed to evoke a sense of movement and truly one-of-a-kind. He achieves this by carefully studying the forms […]

Paul E. Showalter II – Eulogy Paul E. Showalter II – Eulogy (b.1944 – d. 2019) / designer, painter, poet, sculptor Pasadena Antique Warehouse is proud to announce our August 25th, 2022 Auction featuring the paintings, drawings, and life-time collection of Paul E. Showalter. Showalter was an extremely talented Pasadena native and collaborated with companies […]

Vigen Tadevosyan Vigen Tadevosyan (b. 1943 – d. 2010) Artist Previous Next

Alexandre Maroutian Alexandre Maroutian  (b.1953) / painter, sculptor, graphic designer, educator / great man with lot of knowledge and talent