Edward Artsrunyan

Shahen Aslanyan Shahen Aslanyan  (b.1948) / painter, art collector / interesting man who likes life, friends and good art / Edward and Shahen have been friends many years, he has lot of stories about Artsrunyans life Edward Artsrunyan (b. 1944 – d. 2010) collection of Shahen Aslanyan

Susanna Mkrtchyan Susanna Mkrtchyan / educator, painter, professor, director of Aesthetic center of Gyumri / lady with lot of talent

Armenak Vardanyan Armenak Vardanyan (b. 1955) /  His sculptures are kept in the National Gallery of Armenia /  Russian Academy of Fine Arts /  State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow / Dante Museum in Ravenna 

Shmavon Shmavonyan Shmavon Shmavonyan (b. 1953) / painter / humanist / Fridtjof Nansen Nobel Peace Prize winner / True friend who had a impact in my life Visit his gallery when your in town / Paronyan 1-80, Yerevan  Exhibition coming on March of 2023

Arev Art Gallery Arev Art Gallery is a charming spot that features plexiglass paintings by Arev Petrosyan, together with the works of Benik Petrosyan and Areg Petrosyan.   https://arev-art.com/ Previous Next

Tigran Asatryan Tigran Asatryan (b. 1968) /  One of the founders and a member of Realist Artists Union of Yerevan / His artworks are permanently exhibited in Modern Art Museum of Yerevan  Modern Art Museum of Yerevan  / 7 Mesrop Mashtots Ave, Yerevan Exhibition coming on December of 2023

Vanand Shiraz Vanand Shiraz (b. 1976) / sculptor, painter, poet  Exhibition coming on October of 2023

Andrey Shugarov Andrey Shugarov (b. 1958) / painter  Exhibition coming on November of 2022 http://www.shugarov.am

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