"SHARZHY" Garen Baghdasaryan

Garen Baghdasaryan (b. 1963) 

The name “SHARZHY” is the artistic name of Garen Baghdasaryan and it means “MOVE” in Armenian. Sharzhy is a talented artist who specializes in creating unique bronze sculptures that are designed to evoke a sense of movement and truly one-of-a-kind. He achieves this by carefully studying the forms and movements of his subjects, whether they be people, animals, or abstract shapes. I had the pleasure of meeting Garen through his son, Ararat, who has achieved great success in the import-export industry. While Ararat’s business ventures have taken him all over the world, his father’s passion for art has remained a constant source of inspiration and creativity. Garen’s sculptures are unlike anything else out there, as he refuses to repeat any of his designs. Despite his success and recognition as an artist, Garen remains humble and committed to his craft.

Exhibition on September 10th to 14th, 2022