A Dream Of A Blue Eyed Women


Title: A Dream Of A Blue Eyed Women / Ashot Yan
Year: 2018
Medium: oil on canvas
Size: 19.5 x 19.5in / 50 x 50cm

Provenance: Ashot Yan is an Armenian artist known for his captivating works in the medium of oil on canvas. Born in Armenia, Ashot Yan has embraced the rich artistic heritage of his homeland while also drawing inspiration from the Surrealist movement. His paintings often transport viewers to a medieval world, with subjects that seem to have emerged from the depths of history. Through his intricate brushwork and masterful use of color, Yan creates dreamlike compositions that blur the boundaries between reality and imagination. His unique blend of Surrealism and medieval aesthetics invites viewers to explore a realm of enchantment and mystery. Ashot Yan’s artworks have garnered attention both locally and internationally, and his evocative pieces have been exhibited in prestigious galleries and art events.

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