Floral Mind #47 / Minas Halaj


Title: Floral Mind #47
Year: 2018
Medium: mix media on wood
Size: 36 x 34in / 91.5 x 86.5cm

Provenance: Minas Halaj 2018 / Minas Halaj is a young and exceptionally talented artist who has carved a name for himself in the art world. Born into a family of artists, with his father being the renowned artist Samuel Hallaj, Minas has been immersed in the world of art since a young age. Known for his captivating series called “Floral Minds,” Minas paints exquisite flowers on faces, creating a unique and mesmerizing fusion of beauty and human expression. Beyond his artistic achievements, Minas is a cherished friend and a beacon of positivity. His infectious enthusiasm and genuine kindness radiate through his interactions, leaving a lasting impact on all who encounter him. His artistic journey has taken him far, with his paintings adorning the walls of prestigious galleries and esteemed private collections.

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