One Big Step Foundation

The One Big Step Foundation is a non-profit organization that’s partnered with Pasadena Antique Warehouse. The foundation promotes education, art, and culture. Through our Layer’s exhibits and Pasadena Project events, we support local artists in their artistic endeavors. We provide the canvas’ and antique materials and they create one of kind pieces available for display at our exhibits. If you’d like to support us and have any interesting materials (fabric, buttons, etc.) we would appreciate your donations. 

The Foundling Hospital in London is supposedly the first non-profit entity to ever exist in the era of mankind. Later on, YMCA was founded in the year 1884, and The Red Cross was established in the year 1881. After the Tax Reform Act in 1969, the number of non-profits in the US itself increased rapidly over the years.

From the late 1800s up until 1920, the U.S. entered the Progressive Era. This was a time of increased social activism and political reform. During this time, we saw policies such as child labor laws, suffrage for women and prohibition.

This was also a decade of prosperity and success for many in the nation towards the turn of the century. With an increase in wealth came an increase in giving back. The release of Andrew Carnegie’s Gospel of Wealth in 1889 promoted the idea of owing a duty to society, and encouraged donating to causes.