Pasadena Art Project

Our galleries are home to a diverse group of passionate artists and art lovers. We aim to provide a platform for collectors, sculptors, painters, and artists alike, to showcase their artworks in a way that is just as unique as they are. By means of virtual galleries and in-person exhibitions, we are able to collaborate with these talented creators and collectors, to display an assortment of beautiful pieces that speak to our hearts and minds.

Virtual Gallery
For our friends that are unable to visit the in-person exhibitions, we have prepared a solution that is accessible to all!
Browse the tabs below for a closer look at the remarkable creations that our artists and collectors have gathered throughout the years. 

Join Our Gallery

Are you an art collector with an art piece that you just adore and want everyone to see? Connect with us! We want to provide you with the resources and platform to exhibit your beloved art.

Layers Exhibition

“Layers” is our way of connecting face-to-face with our partners, patrons, and friends. Here, we can experience these intricate works alongside the artists that created them. The purpose of these intimate exhibitions is to take a closer look at the different layers of each creators’ and/or collectors’ work. Our events are designed to be captivating and personal for our visitors.