The art gallery operates between events and welcomes visitors five days a week. During weekends when events are usually held, we ensure that the gallery remains open and accessible to art lovers and visitors. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore exceptional artwork and perhaps find a masterpiece to adorn your living space.

Art Gallery offers custom exhibitions spanning a week, showcasing artwork and creating a comprehensive art experience.

The opening day is enhanced with a lively jazz band and indulgent food, wine, and champagne. Custom print catalogs are created to commemorate the exhibition, serving as keepsakes for visitors.

The gallery maintains an email list and utilizes social media advertising to use various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook to promote our exhibitions. Creating visually appealing posts showcasing the artwork, behind-the-scenes glimpses of the setup process, and teaser videos featuring the artist’s work.

The gallery’s website features dedicated portfolio pages for each artist, allowing ongoing appreciation of their work.

Our main attraction is our thoughtfully curated exhibitions. Our team of experienced curators carefully selects artworks from emerging and established artists, aiming to provide a captivating and enriching experience for our visitors.

Virtual Gallery
For our friends that are unable to visit the in-person exhibitions, we have prepared a solution that is accessible to all!
Browse the tabs below for a closer look at the remarkable creations that our artists and collectors have gathered throughout the years. 
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Are you an art collector with an art piece that you just adore and want everyone to see? Connect with us! We want to provide you with the resources and platform to exhibit your beloved art.
Past Exhibitions

Layers Art Gallery Exhibitions

Layers Art Gallery is our way of connecting face-to-face with our partners, patrons, and friends. Here, we can experience these intricate works alongside the artists that created them. The purpose of these intimate exhibitions is to take a closer look at the different layers of each creators’ and/or collectors’ work. Our events are designed to be captivating and personal for our visitors.